Item #: SNS-007

Object Class: Suraksa

Socks Nickel Saving Edit

SNS-007 is to be contained in a greenhouse with direct sunlight reaching SNS-007. It must be watered 2 times per day by hand, being cautious not to water the clock.

Description Edit

SNS-007 seems to be a standard sawtooth oak tree (Quercus acutissima) with a clock on it's bark. The clock doesn't move under normal circumstances, and when it does, the tree changes depending on the time. If the clock shows 6 AM - 12 PM, the tree is in a Spring state. If the clock shows 12 PM - 6 PM, the tree is in a Summer state. If the clock shows 6 PM - ???, the tree is in a Fall state. In no occasion the tree has passed the Fall state, but it is theorized that after 12 AM the tree gets in a Winter state. Any attempts of removing the clock or cutting down the tree have failed (See document SNS-007-A). The tree starts counting once someone enters the containment, and the emotions of personnel in the containment seem to affect the counting speed. If the person is neutral, the clock counts down normally. If the person is happy, the clock counts backwards. If the person is sad/angry, the clock counts 2 minutes/sec. If the person is suicidal/aggressive, the clock counts 1 hour/sec. If the person says the n-word, they die. SNS-007 was discovered in the ███████████ forest, located in [DATA EXPUNGED].

SNS-007 changes the emotions of those who touch it, depending on its state (See document SNS-007-B).

Document 007-A Edit

Subject ███ entered containment with an axe, neutral emotion reaction triggered. Subject tried to rip off the clock using the axe, but the clock resisted. Subject entered aggressive state and attempted cutting down the tree. Subject removed immediately after.

Document 007-B Edit

Based on various tests. In Spring state, all emotions went to happy. In Summer state, all emotions went to neutral. In Fall state: Happy -> Neutral, Neutral -> Neutral, Sad -> Sad, Angry -> Neutral, Suicidal -> Sad, Aggressive -> Aggressive.

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