Item #: SNS-011

Object Class: Parihara

Socks Nickel Saving Edit

SNS-011 is not to be entered by any being that is capable of sexual reproduction. It must be guarded by strategically placed snipers, who are to shoot anyone trying to go through the entrance of SNS-011. In case of unauthorized personnel crossing the barriers, abandon all hope.

Description Edit

SNS-011 is a museum located in ███████, Turkey. an artifact located inside a museum in ███████, Turkey (See document 011-A). The artifact is described as [REDACTED]. Anyone who is close to its effective area and is unprepared will create an explosion in 10 seconds that affects a ██m radius. It is theorized that if any love act was performed in SNS-011's area of effect, the explosion's size would be altered. If any test is to be done, the subject must have their genitals removed. Thermal imaging shows its area of effect for an unknown reason.

Document 011-A Edit

Subject [REDACTED] has had their genitals removed and entered the location. After exploring the museum, an artifact with abnormal radiation emissions was found and attributed as the cause of anomalies. Subject [REDACTED] later died of cancer caused from the artifact.

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