Image of the broadcast tower.

Item #: SNS-012

Object Class: Apad

Socks Nickel Saving Edit

Any broadcast of SNS-012 is prohibited, and any subjects that watched it must be terminated. If any broadcast of SNS-012 is found, it is to be reported immediately. A small team must watch TVs for any broadcasts of it and report them. Any attempts to bring down its broadcast tower have failed. Covering the signal has also proven to be ineffective. The broadcast tower is located in ████████, Kazakhstan. The broadcasts, however, can reach anywhere in the world.

Description Edit

Broadcasts of SNS-012 often manifest as disturbing images that vary from each other, accompanied by disturbing and senseless sounds, as subject ██████ describes while watching a broadcast, before turning into SNS-012-1. Its broadcasts usually try to imitate other popular channels. It has replicated the following channels: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Anyone who watches the broadcast turn savage (Denominated SNS-012-1), and usually try to bite/scratch other people. If anyone is bitten/scratched, follow Procedure 012-DECON. SNS-012-1 try to reach for any harmful objects and kill anyone in their reach. After killing, they rip off their victim's internal organs and eats them, only leaving their empty carcasses left. SNS-012-1 then dies out of unknown reasons, but two other SNS-012-1 appear from the original. If a SNS-012-1 is terminated before killing someone, the extra SNS-012-1s do not spawn. Bitten/scratched people turn into instances of SNS-012-1 after some time if Procedure 012-DECON is not followed.


Picture of broadcast 4.

Procedure 012-DECON Edit

Anyone that has been bitten/scratched must follow this procedure. Oxygenated water and antiseptic spray must be applied to the wound. Special designated vaccine must then be applied as quick as possible.

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