Artistic representation of SNS-014

Item #: SNS-014

Object Class: Hantr

Socks Nickel Saving Edit

SNS-014 is to be chained with silver-gold-brass alloy chains in a 2x3km room of the same material. Any personnel entering its containment need to wear a special heat-resistant armor and keep distance from SNS-014.

Description Edit

SNS-014 is a very large canine-like creature, registered to be as tall as 1.6km and as wide as 2.3km. Its fur is gray, and it has very high temperature levels, lowest 1200°C at inactive state and highest 3500°C at active state. It was discovered during the Pinatubo volcanic eruption, and has appeared in other major volcanic eruptions like Krakatoa and Yellowstone. It appears from inside the volcano, in active state, where its fur is red, orange and yellow and burning. It has also shown to communicate using telepathy, and can psychologically manipulate people with weak minds. Its voice is extremely low-pitched and demon-like. It enters active state once breached, and can create fire from its mouth and move quickly like a meteor, while involving its body with fire. It regenerates itself when exposed to lava and even better in magma.

SNS-014 has breached 11 times.

Termination Logs Edit

They are located here.

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