Item #: SNS-015


Object Class: Apad

Socks Nickel Saving Edit

Item SNS-015 is to be contained in a standard Robot Arms Apts. replica, and a pack of Slurm brand soda is to be kept in SNS-015's reach at all times (Slurm Loco is forbidden, follow Document 015-A). Personnel must enter blindfolded and not interact with SNS-015. It must live with Bending Unit 22 "Bender Bending Rodriguez, Sr." (Serial number 95473936754455451545245455478764) so SNS-015 doesn't go insane.

Description Edit

SNS-015 is a 25-31 year old looking humanoid, with a height of 1,52m (5'9") (Name revealed to be Philip J. Fry, follow document 015-B). Its skin is grainy-looking, Its hair is orange and its eyes are red-shining. It wears a red jacket and a white t-shirt, with jeans and black sneakers. Anyone who looks into its eyes will be instantly turn blind. It was discovered in 20██, in a cryogenic chamber located in ████████, New York. It is capable of intelligent dumb conversation.

Document 015-A Edit

SNS-015's Slurm brand soda stock is switched with Slurm Loco in 08/04/██. One week later, Subject-█████ enters without a blindfold while avoiding eye contact, but becomes blinded. SNS-015 was shining green. Slurm Loco then switched back to standard Slurm brand soda.

Document 015-B Edit

Following conversation occurred between Dr. ██████ and SNS-015.

Dr. ██████: Hello, SNS-015. Can you speak.

SNS-015: Uhh, who you talking to?

Dr. ██████: I am speaking to you.

SNS-015: Oh, well my name is Philip J. Fry, but you can call me Fry.

Dr. ██████: Interesting. (Notes down)

SNS-015: Hey, what are you noting there?

Dr. ██████: Hmmm... (Continues noting)

SNS-015: Ok then. (Opens Slurm soda and starts drinking it)

Dr. ██████: Alright, so-

SNS-015: (Looks at pulse) Hey, Bender! All My Circuits is gonna play in 1 minute! Turn on the TV!

[Interview ended]

Document 015-C Edit

The following experiment was conducted between SNS-015 and SNS-020.

(SNS-015 is released in SNS-020's containment.)

SNS-020 (Looking down): Do you want to go down my slide...?

SNS-015: Woah, that's totally not uninviting.

(SNS-020 looks at SNS-015 and lets out a high pitched screech)

SNS-015: Ow, my ears! (Covers ears)

(SNS-020 runs towards SNS-015 and assaults it.)

[Experiment ended]

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