Item #: SNS-017

Object Class: Suraksa

Socks Nickel Savings Edit

SNS-017 is uncontained, located near where SNS-020 resides. It is to be kept in a fenced surrounding, guarded by 2 units. Anyone going up it must be equipped with a tracker, following incident 017-A.

Description Edit

SNS-017 is a staircase that seems to lead nowhere. After someone goes up it, they are transfered to a random staircase in a random location. The locations vary from a school to even SNS-021. After Incident 017-A (See document 017-A), use of SNS-017 was restricted.

Document 017-A Edit

Dr. ██████ used SNS-017 regularly, but it was later discovered that he used it to invade people's homes and steal from them. New safety procedures were put for SNS-017 afterwards.

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