Item #: SNS-020

Class: Parihara


Face hidden for safety reasons

Socks nickel saving Edit

SNS-020 is freely allowed to roam a bordered place in the forest near the facility, personnel are to put on a hazmat suit before interaction, incase of a breach, the slider is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber (Images are forbidden, see Document 020-A)

Description Edit

A 2.2 Meter tall being, its voice sounds like a demonic child, it has no face and mostly sits on a slide, its been known to rot organic material that have stayed around it for 20 minutes, its not hostile and pretty friendly, it wants people to go on the slide it is on, it is generally childish, further research revealed that its around ██ years old

Document 020-A Edit

When a file was being printed, a scientist was exposed to the image for 20 minutes, the scientist started rotting, its possible that it could become apad

Document 020-B Edit

The following experiment was conducted between SNS-015 and SNS-020.

(SNS-015 is released in SNS-020's containment.)

SNS-020 (Looking down): Do you want to go down my slide...?

SNS-015: Woah, that's totally not uninviting.

(SNS-020 looks at SNS-015 and lets out a high pitched screech)

SNS-015: Ow, my ears! (Covers ears)

(SNS-020 runs towards SNS-015 and assaults it.)

[Experiment ended]

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