SNS-026-2, -4 and -5 when first discovered.

Item #: SNS-026

Object Class: Ugrata

Socks Nickel Saving Edit

All instances of SNS-026 must be kept in a 30x30 lead chamber with a dark dead forest-like enviroment. Light must be as faint as possible. Personnel must enter with night-view googles on.

Description Edit

SNS-026 are dark figures impaled in the arms and legs with 2 metal bars. There are 5 instances of it, denominated SNS-026-1, -2, -3, -4 and -5. They all seem to have different behaviors. Even though they have different behaviors, they are all aggressive on strong lights. They walk by moving the metal bars, and when attacking, they stab their victims with the bars, and once they're dead, metal bars appear and impale the victim like them. When they're aggressive and see someone, they emit a high-pitched screech-like noise that render anyone that hears it insane. They can pass through some matter, but lead seems to be an exception.

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