Item #: SNS-027

Object class: Suraksa

The city is alive

A SNS-026-2 holding a umbrella under a bench.

Socks nickel saving Edit

SNS-027 is to be guarded with three personnel, No personnel are allowed to enter unless allowed,

Description Edit

SNS-027 is a city, around ██ years old, the items in it, called SNS-027-2 are friendly and help visitors, the tempature reaches around 2 degrees fahrenheit, the city has witnessed many others die around it and is trying to survive, being fond of its inhabitants, SNS-027-1 are Individuals who live within city limits longer than a certain period of time have a chance of developing certain psychological traits and habits. An an individual subject in any given city with these new quirks might not draw suspicion, but in this city it stands out because nearly everyone has them.

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